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Tick’d Off is a straightforward list management app, designed to allow you to maintain all your tick-lists (aka check-lists, to-do lists) in one place.

From a list of groceries to pick up on the way home from the office, to a project overview list of several dozen items spanning many months, Tick’d Off can help you organize and maintain what you need to do, and when you need to do it.

Unlike similar apps, Tick’d Off does not attempt to organize your entire day, week, or life. It does not try to be all things for all people.

The goal is simple: What do you need to do? And optionally, when do you need to do it; how important is it; what else needs to be done?

You can opt to have your lists synced through iCloud so that you have all the up-to-date information available on any of your devices.

These are just some of the features Tick’d Off has to offer:

  • Universal App, designed for iOS 7.
  • Manage multiple lists.
  • Assign each list an icon and colour.
  • Old / completed lists may be archived – kept in a separate read-only format for future reference.
  • Flexible sorting options.
  • Progress indicators by list and by individual entry.
  • Each entry (and list) may be assigned a due date.
  • Each entry (and list) may be prioritized.
  • Sync your lists to all your devices, through iCloud.

Tick’d Off on the iPhone:

Tick’d Off on the iPad:

Tick’d Off is available now at the App Store!

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Help / FAQ – Within the app, you can find a comprehensive Help / FAQ section. From the main list screen, select Settings in the lower left corner, then in App Settings, tap the Help / FAQ entry in the middle of the screen.

Advanced Functions – For advanced / power users, the app incorporates an import/export option, allowing you to transfer raw data in and out of the app via iTunes File Sharing. When you Export your lists they are copied to the app’s Documents directory, accessible through iTunes -> your Device -> Apps tab -> File Sharing at the bottom of the screen. Files are formatted as XML / plist and may be edited with any simple text editor.