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Overlord! Calendar Overview is a calendar replacement that focuses on doing just a few things, but doing them right: List view, and Month view. These have always been my two primary calendar views, and iOS 7 has managed to ruin them both.

Calendar List View returns in Overlord! known as the Overview screen. The Overview screen is customizable in terms of what timespan it covers, both into the past and into the future.

Month View in Overlord! provides a month-at-a-glance, showing what days have events registered. Tapping a day in the calendar grid provides a list of the events below, without switching to a completely different screen. The listing of the selected day’s events is independant of the calendar above, so moving to a different month does not force your day view to change until you’ve selected a new day to view.

On the iPad, Overview and Month views are combined into a single screen – however all sections (month grid, daily event list, overview list) remain independant of each other, so you can view a given day’s events, while looking at a separate month, and have your Overview list showing yet another group of events.

Finally, a bit of levity and where Overlord! gets its name, the Overview screen displays random quotes from Peter’s Evil Overlord List. Tapping the quote will select another random entry. Of course, you can disable the quotes completely through Settings.

These are just some of the features built into Overlord!:

  • Fully functional List View!
  • Fully functional Month View with daily details!
  • Focus on the calendar events.
  • Be a better Evil Overlord, thanks to random daily Overlord quotes.
  • Universal App, & Designed for iOS 7

Overlord! version 1.1 includes the following new features:

  • Full Calendar Management, including add, delete, and rename calendars.
  • Colour Themes! If Emergency Yellow isn’t your thing, choose from Cupcake, Tangerine, etc.
  • Better alarm options for all-day events.
  • Various other bug-fixes and minor improvements.

Overlord! on the iPhone:

Overlord! on the iPad:

Overlord! is available now in the App Store.

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Please note: The Evil Overlord List is © 1996-1997 Peter Anspach.

History of Overlord! : The first version of Overlord! was created over a decade ago by Sean Luke as a landscape-only app for the Newton Messagepad MP2000. I adapted it for portrait mode and re-released it with some added functions & features, and also created a version with support for the Newton MP120.